We do digital differently

Digital marketing can be daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. With Heavy Ed, you’re getting more than innovative technology. You’re getting an expert who collaborates with you every step of the way

Our story

Who is Heavy ED?

To know Ed Seaton—Heavy Ed—is to know the Seaton legacy. Since 1812, the Seaton family has provided information and news that matters to our communities and helped good businesses thrive. Ed stayed agile and adopted new ways to communicate and build audiences for his advertisers. We’re carrying on Ed’s legacy by staying just as adaptive, strong, and kind as we help your business step into a new era of digital marketing.
Our values

Digital marketing can be complicated.
That’s where we come in.

At Heavy Ed, we do digital differently. You’re not just getting innovative technology (although you’ll love having access to proprietary marketing formulas and your dynamic digital dashboard). You’re getting a designated expert who works directly with you, understands the nuances of the region you live in, and collaborates with you every step of the way. And you’re getting legacy-backed peace of mind from a household name that’s been in the marketing biz for more than a century.

Every business is different, so we build client experiences that are customized and collaborative—never commoditized.


By partnering with digital innovators, you’re able to tap into the power of the latest digital marketing technology for your business.


Grounded by our roots in traditional media, you’ve got a legacy of innovation on your side.

At Heavy Ed, we use innovative digital marketing technology, a collaborative approach, and legacy-backed peace of mind to empower brands in our community with big visibility (and even bigger impact).


Tap into an ecosystem of
powerful tools and
established platforms.


Get ready for big-time visibility.

Whether you're a digital native or just getting started, we can create the right digital marketing plan for you.

Digital marketing is here to stay.

Learn why and how digital marketing is so effective by exploring our case studies, short articles, videos, and more.

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