Hospital sees 6x return on investment from display and device ID campaign

Hospital sees 6x return on investment from display and device ID campaign

Campaign Length
8 Months

The client was hoping to drive new patients to their primary care and orthopedics divisions.


Letting the community know the hospital was able to provide primary care to the community. During COVID, it was especially difficult to gain new patients and make sure they were seeking the care they needed both for primary care and orthopedics, specifically. Many patients were wanting to avoid healthcare facilities during COVID or put off non-essential surgeries.


In order to create awareness and drive patients to the hospital facilities, we used a combination of targeted display ads and Device ID geofencing.

For the primary care campaign, we targeted families, moms with children, and locations where we could find steady foot traffic such as grocery stores and outdoor parks.

For the orthopedics campaign, we targeted active adults and ‘weekend warriors’ aged 35 and up and geofenced parks, bike paths, and places where active adults could be found over the last several months.


Through the Point of Interest (POI) attribution report, we saw that the Device ID campaign drove more than 1,244 people to the hospital over eight months.

Given their average spend per patient, the campaign yielded a 6x return on investment.

Key Findings

Pairing Display with Device ID allows for extended reach in a top of funnel awareness and branding campaign.

Through Display, we are able to granularly target individuals based on their behavioral interests and intent, demographics, and geography. Retargeting can also be included.

Device ID enables us to reach potential customers on their mobile devices based on a specific location of the client's choosing based on a historical look back period.

Multiple reports (such as the Audience Insight Report and Point of Interest Attribution Report) are available to the client during the pre-sales stage as well as throughout the campaign to provide a closer look at the individuals we are targeting.