Hospital utilizes local news retargeting and achieves 0.3% CTR

Hospital utilizes local news retargeting and achieves 0.3% CTR

Campaign Length
6 Months

The client hoped to generate branding and awareness of their hospital through website visits to ultimately drive locals to visit for their care needs.


Keeping the community safe and healthy throughout COVID-19 was paramount for this client.


We recommended utilizing Local News Retargeting to maximize reach within the local market. The campaign focus evolved with time to drive website traffic to department-specific landing pages, such as dermatology, after-hours care, anti-aging services.


Thus far, the client has spent $1,700 on this campaign and has recorded an overall .3% click-through rate (CTR). Since the campaign goals changed over time, no conversions were tracked.

On-site engagement has skyrocketed and the frequent creative swaps have kept the local audiences attentive.

Key Findings

Retargeting strategies work. A recent study by Social Media Today found that retargeting ads led to a 1,046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visits.