How We Defend your Digital Ad Campaigns from Fraudulent Impressions

Invalid traffic can skew data, waste your budget, and decrease campaign effectiveness. Learn how we protect your campaigns, ensuring maximum ROI and brand integrity.
How we defendyour digital ad campaigns from fraudulent impressions
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The toll of invalid traffic

The digital advertising industry is facing the challenge of invalid traffic. Invalid traffic consists of bots, crawlers, and click farms—artificially inflating websites or engagement metrics. These automated entities can skew metrics, waste your budget, and reduce the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Additionally, it undermines the credibility of publishers by compromising the quality of their traffic. Ultimately, invalid traffic benefits neither advertisers nor publishers, as it distorts campaign effectiveness and erodes trust within the advertising ecosystem.

The escalating threat

According to Lunio, an invalid traffic prevention platform, by 2024, invalid traffic could result in $72.37 billion in wasted ad spending, a 33% increase from 2022.

The Escalating Threat Graph

Guarding your ad spend

We’re committed to safeguarding your digital campaigns against the looming threat of invalid traffic. Our mission is to ensure you are effective in your online advertising effort and protect your ad spend.

Our managed block list carefully curates inventory, excluding content that breaches our guidelines. This includes sites, apps, and categories featuring violence, hate speech, sexual content, and inventory that typically draws in fraudulent traffic. Our Operations team oversees an exclusive list of safeguard campaigns against low-quality placements and to optimize performance.

Expertise, solutions, and protection

Implementing a robust defense against invalid traffic isn’t just recommended; it’s essential.

Our team of certified professionals specializes in managing local, regional, and national digital marketing campaigns designed to drive maximum ROI.


We focus on quality over quantity. We leverage tools like The Trade Desk’s Human Security and DoubleVerify to actively scan and block fraudulent impressions to ensure the integrity of your campaigns. We’re committed to protecting advertisers’ investments in these ways.

  • Monitor website traffic and blacklist suspicious websites.
  • Verify websites’ integrity, preventing fake websites from stealing impressions.
  • Monitor ad engagement behavior to filter out (and replace) impressions and metrics from fraudulent bots.
  • Ensure our inventory is brand-safe, so advertisers never worry about misrepresenting a brand next to undesirable content.