New physician receives 3x times the phone calls

New physician receives 3x times the phone calls after implementing SEO and paid search

Healthcare – New Physician
Campaign Length
Two Years

Increase phone calls, site traffic, and number of surgeries booked for a new physician moving into a competitive market.


While the client was willing to invest a sizeable amount into the campaign, they felt their full budget should be allocated towards an awareness campaign featuring multiple video tactics – even though their goal was to capture bottom of the funnel consumers.


After a month of running a video campaign using their full budget, the client was only getting three phone calls per week and were not on the first page of Google. Our team requested a reallocation of marketing dollars to focus on Paid Search, Organic SEO, and Local SEO in order to create a full-funnel strategy when paired with the video products. This recommendation better suited the client’s goals, and tied back to target consumer behavior and buying decisions.


After one month of implementing the full funnel strategy, the physician was getting 27 calls per week! This was achieved without any increases in total budget.

Key Findings

Understanding consumer behavior and the buyer’s journey are critical considerations for advertising strategy. A multi-channel approach, with assets in all sections of the sales funnel, will typically drive stronger results and generate a higher return on investment (ROI) than a more siloed campaign.

This is because a holistic campaign strategy will ensure that goals and tactics match, and that advertising dollars are being spent where they matter.